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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

The Last Brigade




The Post-Apocalyptic World of Operation Overtime


  1. Rob

    Just a thought, we know some stayed on the bases in America after the fall. What about naval bases and our bases around the world? All our nuke ships and subs could still be around. Like whole carrier groups…. Could there be American colonies at our bases around the world? Just waiting on book 4…….

    • Ha! You’re on the right path Rob! The Navy is definitely not gone for good.

      • Rob

        Does the real USA have any allies left in this world? Are there any countries left at all? What about the South? Surely we fought back! Go Dawgs and Roll Tide guys should have fought hard!

        • Thanks for your interest Rob! Actually, I’ve already started plotting books leading up to all of those revelations. The series will be called Task Force Zombie, and the final book will be titled Collapse. But yes, there are still remnants of civilization around the world.

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