Standing At The Edge

Nick Angriff’s ultimate enemy finally takes the stage and the 7th Cavalry will never be the same.

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Operation Overtime has come through its first winter in post-Collapse America in better shape than expected. Food is plentiful, the city of Prescott is healing, and there’s even a battalion of new recruits for the Marines. Everything seems to be going Angriff’s way, until people start trying to kill him again.

When the aggressive Chinese send an armored force to capture old America’s largest tank farm, Angriff can rally only desperate measures to stop them. But first he must crush the traitors both inside and outside of Operation Overtime.

Angriff must rely on others to do what he has always done for himself. As the body count mounts, he has to determine who he can trust and who wants him dead.

In the tradition of Standing The Final Watch and Standing In The Storm, traitors, assassins, and secrets explode in a rocket-powered roller coaster called Standing At The Edge.

4 thoughts on “Standing At The Edge

  1. Kym Shillingford says:

    Hi William I have just finished all 3 of the last brigade books 1 -3 and was hoping there was another book as the ending of the 3rd book left me high and wanting more.
    By the way your books and story lines are great they put you in the scene .

    1. Bill says:

      Hi Kym – I’m working on Book 4 at this very moment! And thank you for the kind comments, I’m grateful to you for them. If you haven’t already looked into The Ghost of Voodoo Village and The Hairy Man, those might also be something you’d like. Happy New Year and I’ll get to work on the next book!

  2. Mike Hampton says:

    I just finished Standing on the Edge and I can’t wait for the next one, I am enjoying this series alot. Keeps me engaged and is a great story. Love this, keep up the good work!

    1. Bill says:

      Mike, I’m stoked you like the series! Thanks! Are you on my mailing list? A few months ago I sent out the first part of Operation Overtime’s origin story, In At The Start. I’m going to write part 2 soon and will send part one out again at the same time.


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