May 2, 2017 – Ha! Want to make God laugh? Make a plan.

So the book came out April 21, not Marcy 10, but the main thing is that it’s published!


Nick Angriff and the 7th Cavalry fight to win.

The Last Brigade sends out long-range reconnaissance patrols to begin Operation Overtime, it’s mission of rebuilding America. But in nearby Prescott, Arizona, a maniacal warlord holds thousands of Americans as slaves, planning to trade them for the fuel he needs.

To the east lurks the strange religious cult named the Caliphate of the Seven Prayers of the New Prophet, which kills anyone who doesn’t convert. And why is a Chinese military vehicle found to the north? With enemies on all sides, Nick Angriff risks everyone and everything to save the innocents he has sworn to protect.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the 7th Cavalry will not be outfought. They must either stand in the storm or see their beloved America die a final death.