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The Last Attack: Sixth SS Panzer Army and the defense of Hungary and Austria in 1945 (World War Two: Beyond the Myths)

Following defeat in the Ardennes Offensive, Adolf Hitler and the German leadership faced the question of how best to use what little offensive firepower remained to them, as represented by the Sixth SS Panzer Army. Hitler’s obsession with protecting the last source of natural oil available to the Reich compelled this decision, one made against the strong opposition of his military advisers. The resulting offensive, code-named Operation Spring Awakening, was a disaster for Nazi Germany, but a boon for postwar Europe. Heavily outnumbered and lacking supplies, especially fuel, the Sixth SS Panzer Army nevertheless delayed the Red Army long enough for American and British forces to occupy much of western and southern Austria. There is, therefore, a strong likelihood the presence in Austria of Sixth SS Panzer Army saved that country from being overrun completely by the Red Army, and possibly being included in the Warsaw Pact as a Soviet satellite.


Review by Eric Morris- 4 out of 4 Stars




  1. Neil

    In your lead in you discuss the strength of the various Pander divisions. You give a total armor strength as tanks &/or AFVs. Vehicles like the half-tracks are armored and should be counted separately from those vehicles that have powerful weaponry such as found on the heavy tanks.

    • Hi Neil, I probably should have phrased that better. SPWs were a separate category but by the time in question the Germans counted any tracked vehicle with a large main gun as a panzer for purposes of authorized strength. Sturmgeschutzen, jagdpanzers, Mark IVs, Panthers, whatever. SPWs were technically armored, you’re right, but only against small arms fire.

      The term AFV is one I used to simply shortcut having to explain what I meant by ‘panzer’ every time I used it. But thanks for caring enough to drop the comment.

      By the way, I’m under contract to produce a full length book on this topic due out next year from Helion Books.

  2. Kurt

    Hi Neighbor, saw you in The Falcon, is the last attack available in “book format?” I’d sure like a copy.

    • Hi Kurt! Thanks for finding me! The book is available, sure. If you’d like a signed paperback, I have those on hand to save you ordering from a bookstore or Amazon. I’ll drop you an email with some details!


  3. Simon

    Hi there
    Whens this book coming out please, Also I have tried to find a release date for
    Bloody Roads West: Army Group South and the defence of Austria, 1945. Could you please let me know.



    • Hi Simon!

      Great questions, thanks! The Last Attack is out now on Amazon, here’s a link: The Last Attack
      Although The Last Attack is an overview, the research was very demanding.

      Bloody Roads West will now appear in volumes, due to the immense size of the project. I have it penciled into the schedule for mid-2018, which might be ambitious, unless a publisher comes along and would like it prioritized. The first volume will cover April 1-end of the war, the period that is not usually covered much. So if you know any military history publishers who might want me to speed this up. send them me way!

      Thanks again for the great questions, sorry it took so long to get back to you!


    • Simon – I am so sorry, I just now saw this comment. Bloody Roads West has a new title, Killing Hitler’s Reich, the Battle for Austria, 1945. The proposal is currently in the hands of a major publisher but I haven’t heard back from them. I’m sorry I don’t have a release date for you yet.

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