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So who is this Webb guy and why should you care? William Alan Webb is blessed (cursed?) with a restless mind which is forever creating new worlds of adventure.

From the high mountains of Castle Havenwulf in Corland, on the first world he created, Reven, to the post-USA world of The Last Brigade, Webb’s boundless imagination carries readers to strange new places. Bigger-than-life characters and snappy dialogue are his trademarks, unforgettable stories his stock-in-trade.


Writing is a dangerous profession

Steeped in the traditions of the masters of the genres in which he writes, be it a crime novel, military thriller or straight sword and sorcery, Webb pays homage to the trailblazers who made it possible.Heinlein, Howard, Zelazny, Leiber, Tolkien, Lewis, even Stan Lee…these influences shaped a style that looks at the world with mesmerized fascination.

You also might glimpse a bit of Tom Clancy in his work, or Michael Connelly, or Robert Crais, or Randy Wayne White. Regardless of influences, however, there is no doubt Webb’s voice is unique.

At the core of his being are the values instilled in him by growing up in the greatest country in the history of the world, the USA.

The only thing he asks from his readers is to celebrate life!

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