One of my awesome readers asked if any spinoffs or other authors were coming in The Last Brigade, and it seemed high time I brought you fine folks up to date on my thoughts about that.

First, and I guess primarily, I do not foresee where this series will end. The story has evolved quite a bit since I began writing in this universe, and there are a lot of different stories to tell. What I will not do is write books and stories that I’m not passionate about; if I don’t feel there is anything to say, then I won’t say it. In other words, I won’t write books just because somebody might buy them. I would never exploit my readers in any way, shape or form, so if I can’t write something that’s up to my standards, then I won’t write anything. Having said all of that, here’s where I see things going…

Standing With Righteous Rage is out now, and the next book will be Standing Among The Tombstones, Books 2 and 3 of The Showdown Trilogy. Once that is wrapped up, I see the scope broadening. The world still exists and humans still roam Earth’s surface in large numbers. Inevitably the political entities that have grown up since the Collapse will begin to seek our new resources in lands controlled by others. Some things never change.

There is already one prequel series, Task Force Zombie, with The Nameless being the first entry. A direct followup to that will be Double Down, likely a novella like the first story, followed by an as-yet untitled story about the loss of 2nd Squad in Venezuela. And there’s at least one novel that is already well underway, Not Enough Bullets, which is the origin story of Nipple. It is not only likely, but probable, that plenty more tales of the Zombies will be forthcoming.

The next most obvious series of books will be those of The Collapse. I envision this being a trilogy, I don’t know how to tell the whole story is less room. As things stand now, they will be the ending books of the Task Force Zombie series. But there is also the possibility it will bring together two spinoff series’, as they lead into the world of The Last Brigade. The second spinoff is still in the negotiation phase, but if it works out the first book is mostly written already.

The wonderful John Babb has discussed the framework of a novel set at the same time as Nick and the 7th Cav. With any luck, he will enjoy it and write more. This book(s) might or might not be spun off, but regardless would be canon to the main series.

Beyond all of that, an anthology titled Stand Fast: Stories from the World of the Last Brigade is planned for December of 2020. Invitations have been issued and at least one story is well underway. I have two ready to go for it now, both of the Snowtiger twins’ great-great-grandmother, titled The River of Walking Spirits and Nalusa Malaya. Other invitations have been issued to some writers I greatly admire, so we’ll see how that works out.

Lastly, for those who haven’t yet read Jurassic Jail, The Time Wars Book 1, it takes place in an alternate timeline where Task Force Zombie, Nick and everybody else also existed, but the nation survived the Collapse. It was wrecked, but staggered on.

There you have it, at least for now. I hope that answers any questions for those who are interested. As always, I am exceedingly grateful to each and every one of you.



  1. Vaughn says:

    Love the last Brigade books (just finished 5) and have read them all over a about a week. 2 questions. When is book 6 available and did you ever explain why the activation code that Dennis had did not work the few hundred times he tried it.

    1. Bill says:

      Vaughn, thanks for the comment! I have not (yet) explained what happened with the wakeup, but I will. You are the very first person to ever ask, so well done. Book 6 is coming this year, but it’s only one of many. Next is Sowing Chaos by John Babb, edited by me. Look for it early February. It’s the first book of The Collapse. John and I are both writing more in the Collapse, then I will write book 6, and John has two finished books that take place simultaneously with book 6, but set east of the Mississippi. Thank you for being a fan!


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