So long Dick Francis & William Tenn

Hi bookies, it’s a cold, gray day again in West Tennessee and that seems fitting.

***We say goodbye to Dick Francis, aged 89. Master of the horse-thriller, so to speak, with a risque sense to him. I remember when his wife died he didn’t think he could go on writing, but he did. As a writer, to go right on writing right up until the last words are written, well, that’s about as good as it gets.

RIP Dick Francis

***Not satisfied with just taking Francis, the Grim Reaper also came for William Tenn, noted SFF writer, also aged 89. Tenn’s real name was Phillip Klass. He stopped writing SFF nearly 40 years ago but his short work was so iconic that in 2004 he was named a Grandmaster of the genre.

Farewell William Tenn

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