HAVE KEYBOARD, WILL TRAVEL, Author Fundamentals Volume 1 – coming Sept. 14, 2020

How one guy crafted a #1 Best Seller with only a computer, a bunch of dogs and coffee…and so much more.


Newly revised and re-written for 2020, the award-winning author of the smash hit series’ The Last Brigade, The Time Wars, Sharp Steel & High Adventure, Task Force Zombie and Hit World, reveals his 40-year odyssey to overnight success with a thriving career as a novelist, military historian and active membership in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

The weather was sunny and warm, the coffee fresh, the dogs quiet for once and the reference book Bill needed for the day’s work lay open to the appropriate page. Life was good. Nothing gave him any inkling that he was about to do something he hadn’t done in twenty years, namely, write fiction. (You thought it was ‘pass up a chocolate doughnut,’ didn’t you?)

But that’s what happened. (The career, not the doughnut.)

Eight months after finishing the first draft of a brand new Military Sci-Fi series, Bill sold thousands and thousands of copies, while having to learn the brave new world of 21st Century Publishing. And if he did it, you certainly can, too.

Query letters, literary agents, twitter events, facebook, they’re all here as he learned all about publishing in the age of Indies, Amazon, and social media. Part memoir, part biography, part How-To-Sell and part cookbook. (That last might not be true.) Along the way he learned some very hard lessons, which he shares here in all their gory glory.

The only regret he has about this book is that there aren’t any talking ducks. That would have been cool.

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