New look at a heroic feat of arms

*** Researching this blog keeps me up on things that I really want to know about, such as a new book about 617 Squadron of the RAF and their amazing raid on the German dams during World War II, a raid that earned them the sobriquet of The Dambusters.

I’m not sure what new information has been dug up, or whether this is just recounting stories that might have been abridged elsewhere, or perhaps not told because they could not be verified. Oral histories give that latitude, they are more about what the person remembers than about what actually happened. But I was shocked, truly shocked, to learn that there is a remake of the 1954 film due to begin shooting next year, and that the screenplay is being written by Stephen Fry.

For those who don’t know, Stephen Fry is a brilliant British actor/comedian/novelist/humorist, whom I first encountered as Jeeves to Hugh Laurie’s Bertie Wooster. Fry and Laurie were very well known in England long before either hit the international big time, Fry with his books, Laurie with the American TV show ‘House.’ If this film actually gets made I’ll look forward to seeing it with great relish. (No, not that kind of relish)

*** So, is your place of employment one of the best for 2009? One of the worst? Take a look here and see what you think. It’s an interesting article on a site that is gaining credence as a look inside corporate American. You will note, I’m sure, that ebay is one of the 50 worst places to work. What a surprise.

Glassdoor and the best and worst places to work in 2009

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