How can I take this seriously?

Good morning bookies. Sorry for the absence once again, life gets a bit wacky sometimes. West Tennessee is supposed to get something like 10″ of rain this weekend. Oh boy, where are my floaties?

Today is April 30th, 65 years to the day since Adolf Hitler committed suicide in Berlin. I mention this because today’s BBC article focuses on this event with reviews of two books written by Germans who fought for the English in WW2. The article would probably be quite interesting, except it is so riddled with factual errors that it’s hard to take it seriously. I had heard that the BBC’s journalistic integrity was shot, this seems to confirm this.

Two errors off the top that even cursory students of the war would know: first this sentence, “He had written them on 29 April earlier that year, then committed suicide, probably on 30 April – the exact date remains uncertain.”

It does? Where and who, exactly, are debating that he killed himself on April 30th? Every known and credible historian or witness verifies this, there is and never had been debate about this, unless you think aliens whisked him off to Argentina. I have no idea what this guy is talking about. Then, second, there is the well known photo from a brief newsreel of Hitler decorating some Hitler Youth on April 20th, his birthday, in the garden of the New Reichs Chancellery. What’s more, we even have the names of some of the boys. This was ten days before he killed himself. Yet the photo bears the caption: “Hitler made his wills and died some two months after this image was taken.” Not two months, ten days. Any student of World War II would know that. And if you didn’t know that, it’s worse, because you would believe this nonsense.

The tipoff should have come at the beginning of the article with the very poorly colorized photo at top. It looks like a 5 year old took crayons to somebody’s photo of Hitler on a street.

Well, anyway, for those interested in the books, and they sound fascinating, don’t be put off by the remarkably bad article.

Two new books on Hitler by German anti-Nazis

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