Death to Spammers!

When I first set up this website more than three years ago it was my first experience with doing so. Being a person who wants to interact with my readers, and who takes any and all criticism seriously, I tried to make it easy to ask me questions or leave me comments.

Silly me.

I put up a Feedback form but never realized that was a separate entity than Comments. Then, about a month ago, a new statistic showed up on the website’s dashboard showing some 52,000 Feedback posts. What the heck? As it turns out, it was (nearly) all spam.

What kind of people are so pathetic they bombard websites with that much spam? Anyway, I could have simply deleted them all. That would have the fastest thing to do, but in a spot check I found a legitimate post from a reader. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s not in my DNA to throw out the good with the bad, so over the past month I have looked at every one of those 52k posts to ensure that a real one didn’t get deleted along with the spam.

There were 59 actual posts. And if you are one of those people then please understand what happened, and know that I am going to personally answer each and every one of you. You matter more to me than I can ever express.

Because of these parasites I have deleted the feedback feature, but you can still leave a comment with the added bonus (warning?) that I will read it and reply.

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