2018 Writing Resolutions

Decide which cons I’d like to attend next year and see if they would like to have me. So far

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Are you listening?

Famous (read as highly paid) writers may have transcended those moments of self-doubt that torment the rest of us. Maybe

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One Writer’s Life

Late Sunday night, that would be Dec. 10th, 2017, I emailed the 5th draft of Standing At The Edge, The

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Editing decisions, they all count

I’m in the middle of editing Standing At The Edge, The Last Brigade Book 3, and I realized how many

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How to be a writer and #6, #7 and #15 done

One of the most common questions young or new writers have for me is what all is involved in becoming

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Non-fiction World War 2 book coming in 2019!

It is with incredible pride (and more than a little astonishment) that I announce having signed with Helion Books to

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#13 out again, and #28 done

Tail Gunner Joe is back out again, so that’s #13. And I added #28, which is a flash fiction piece

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Check off #12 Again

Taking the suggestions of 4 beta readers I re-wrote and edited LifeEnders again, and now I’ve got a problem. It’s

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