Non-fiction World War 2 book coming in 2019!

It is with incredible pride (and more than a little astonishment) that I announce having signed with Helion Books to

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Check off #10

If anybody is following my writer’s checklist that I posted last week, I can now check off item #10, the

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Bill’s lifetime study of World War II led him to write what is still the top reference for The Battle


For all you conspiracy theorists out there…

…and you know who you are, here’s a brand new ‘Hitler got away’ story to chew on. I thought we

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Hitler’s Rocket Soldiers

Here’s a history that doesn’t have much history for you bookies. Not much has been written about the men and

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The Architect of Kokoda

A bright good morning to you, bookies! It’s cool and bright in West Tennessee today. I have neglected those of

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Erich von Manstein

Groan…good morning bookies. Your friendly neighborhood bookseller is feeling his age today after taking all 4 of his dogs to

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Ghost Train From Hiroshima

Good morning bookies! It cloudy and grey and 35 degrees in West Tennessee. Nothing like weatherman’s spring, eh? Charles Pellegrino’s

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Watch on the Rhine

Hiya Bookies! Sorry for the delay in blogging, life happens. 65 years ago today, December 16, 1944, the Germans launched

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The dangers of re-reading a book

Good morning bookies! Bright sunshine today in West Tennessee, but cold, high 30’s, which to me might as well be

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