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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do





  1. Chung Low

    An excellent parsing of verbage from a diehard writer for those of us with utterly rapacious appetites for consuming any and all compilations with a patriotic leaning coupling with a widdle dash of outa da box science. FYI, science is simply the examination of factual events that can occur in our physical world. Science Fiction is self explanatory. William our maitre d’ will enhance your reading pleasure immensely. Not complicated one iota. Just come & you’ll find something tasty. I’d give a star rating but I wouldn’t wish you to have preconceptions now. Splurge a bit of time with W A Webb.

    • For the suspicious and cynical among us, NO, I didn’t pay for that review or write it myself. But boy, do I appreciate it! Thanks!

      • Chung low

        I Am anticipating William-san, your next compilation. Am also hoping you will reach out and explore the viability of a continuation past book #3. I’m not suggesting stretching it to 20-40 books as it tends to diminish the essence of the story. The core characters has a strength to travel a longer path in resolving many issues you’ve brought forth. As the head chef in da boutique kitchen, i can but only bow to your needs as a suburb author. You know best. My favorites are those that i reread as time permits. Lika movie, not every nuance of penmanship by the director can really be appreciated in 1 go. Folks aren’t enabling their taste buds just gulping stuff down. We are inna microwave society. To Savor is to Enjoy Don’cha Think? Regards from a velly satisfied diner.

        • Mucho thanks for the kind words. I think there a lot of books in this series, heck, #4 is already over 10k long, but they won’t all have the Angriffs in them. It’s a big ass world out there.

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