Yes, bookies, I’m seriously going to try and keep this thing going at a regular pace, regardless of how many other distractions come down the pike. But I’ve gotta issue a whining warning, because, sadly, I’m gonna whine for a minute.

Finishing with the tale of summer school, neither teacher added the optional ‘+’ to my grades. Not that it really matters from a GPA standpoint, it doesn’t, but it looks better on a transcript and believe me, my transcript needs to look as much better as is possible. Not only that, a ‘-‘ after your letter grade does adversely affect your GPA. Which really stinks. And the whining involves just such a designation, that little minus sign after what should have been a plain old A.

In most courses an ‘A’ grade is 90-100 percentage. A 91, for instance, is an A. In my communications class I received a 93. By itself that really angered me, it should have been at least a 95 but he didn’t like my last speech. Or, rather, he didn’t like that I took a subject that he assigned me, and assumed I would take a negative stance on, turned it around with a positive stance and was applauded by the class. And I did not get the grade for that speech that I deserved. Having given more than 1000 presentations and speeches in my life, it was my job for five years!, I know when I’m on and when I’m not. And that day, I was on.

Oh well, it’s really a minor thing but you hate getting cheated on something you think you’ve earned. Whining warning is now cancelled.

Did I tell you about my car? I don’t think so, but if I did pretend that I didn’t. So, back in May, the 24th to be exact, I’m at that very COMM class and on my way home. I had just cracked open a new Audiobook CD. A college lecture course, actually, The History of Ancient Rome on 24 CDs from The Teaching Company. As you know, I’m a real Roman history buff and was pretty pumped to listen to this on the way home.

Early afternoon, hot, the air wet with coming rain. Three miles from home the clouds started dumping water, harder and faster than I had ever seen in my life. Ever. Hail the size of golf balls. Waves building on the street. Surrounded by traffic with water a foot deep on the road I was trapped. Then, before I knew it, my car was floating and water was pouring in the doors. A warm sunny day had become like a Bible lesson with me as Noah and my car the ark. Except my car wasn’t waterproof.

Long story short, my nifty little 2001 Ford Focus ZX-3 with 27,000 actual miles was dead. Totaled. I begged my trusted mechanic to lie to me, to tell me he could bring it back to life, but to no avail. The insurance paid a reasonable amount but I didn’t care. My car was dead.

Tomorrow, the exciting conclusion!