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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

Unsuck your book test

This is a test for me reading my own audio books. I’m looking for input here.



Cross off 3 more


Non-fiction World War 2 book coming in 2019!


  1. Anonymous

    Your voice is clear and distinct … and distinctive. It’s hard to tell how your voice will translate to a novel involving multiple characters, but if you’re speaking in the first person, you’re golden!!

  2. Craig Buchanan

    I like it, Bill. It would be interesting to hear a full chapter of one of the actual books, if only to hear how you handle dialogue, but on the basis of this short clip, I think your search for an audio reader could be a remarkably short one.

    • Thanks Craig, that’s very useful to me. One of the reasons I’m starting with this non-fiction book is to get used to the whole process, including getting to know the program I’m using, engineering the final cut, etc. I’ve sort of started creating character voices in my head but haven’t gotten around to putting them down yet.

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