Raise your right hand and repeat this legally binding promise after me: by reading this blog post I agree NOT to inform Bill’s editor at Dingbat Publishing of its existence.

As Standing The Final Watch nears publication, I’m enduring the same injuries so many writers before me have suffered, namely, watching so many of my lovely words getting the dreaded ‘strike-through’. In purple, no less. Yuck.

So many plots points, Easter eggs and masterful turns of phrase flopping on the floor like dying fish. It ain’t no fun.

When I first saw the murdered prose I wanted to raise hell. I wrote all kinds of nasty notes and snide asides, intending to let my editor know just how badly she had done. But then I did the smartest thing I’ve done in quite a while: I didn’t email it.

Next morning I re-read the whole thing with fresh eyes and no preconceived notions, and the damnedest thing happened: I agreed on almost everything she did. Where I disagreed I explain my reasons in detail. Next thing I knew, she accepted my ideas, I accepted hers, and what I thought was a great book became something so much better that I am stunned I wrote it.

I am damned lucky to have J. Gunnar Grey for an editor. Her books are great and you should read them, but great prose does not always translate into great editorial skills. In her case, it did.

So believe in your editor. After all, isn’t that the reason you’re letting them into the most secret recesses of your writer’s soul?