Happy November, bookies!

Today’s blog title is my gift to you, a straight line ready for endless jokes. Feel free.

Today we have yet another entry in the endless canon of World War II literature. Forgotten Weapon: U.S. Navy Airships and the U-boat War, by William F. Althoff, Naval Institute Press, 2009, 432 pages, $45.95. You might think this is a pretty obscure topic but in fact blimps played a pretty vital role in patrolling America’s coasts for prowling U-Boats. Able to hover over an area longer than a conventional aircraft it was easier to spot submarines from a blimp, freeing up scarce air assets for other duties.

And no, this isn’t exactly the Battle of Kursk in terms of violence and action. Still, recording an important piece of US Naval history for future generations is a more than worthy goal.

Blimps and U-Boats