Whew! May and June were hectic. I did seven booksignings at Barnes & Noble stores and one at the Barr Memorial Library at Fort Knox, Kentucky. But now they’re done and the only thing on the calendar for July is attending the Tennessee Writer’s Workshop in Nashville. So it’s time for a writing sprint!

I’m working on three projects currently and here’s where I stand as the month begins:

The working title for book 3 of the Last Brigade has changed. Standing At The End was misleading and inaccurate, so now it’s Standing At The Vortex, which currently is at 36,870 words. What will its total word count be? Heck if I know. Long. It may wind up being two books before it’s all over, but the publishing date is penciled in as October 1st, so…

Killing Hitler’s Reich is at 29,478. The word count here shouldn’t change much, as I’m editing it for submission with a book proposal. However, I do have to write an accompanying synopsis, which could top 1,500 words and will be slow going.

The Demon In The Jewel is a fantasy novella that may, or may not, join three others in my first fantasy book coming soon. It’s at 6,158 words, projected in the 20-25k range. I would love this book to come out August 17th, the one year anniversary of my new career as a novelist.

Those are my focus for July. Unfortunately, yours truly gets distracted easily, and there’s still artwork to finish and other project that interest me.

I’m going to try Chris Fox’s suggestion for writing sprints, but my hands may not allow it to happen. The idea is to set a timer, tune out all distractions and then write like hell for a period of time. Unfortunately, I have an issue with my left ring finger the doctors can’t figure out yet. After I’ve been typing a while, like right this second as I write this sentence, my left ring finger droops and won’t take orders. If I let it rest, it’s fine again.

So that’s it. Wish me luck!