Good morning bookies!

Sunday here in West Tennessee is cloudy and cool, not so bad for late November. Today’s missive concerns a new book by a young English writer who never intended to write the book he wrote. Nicholas Pringle was curious about what his grandmother and her generation did in World War II and wrote a number of people asking for their experiences. As a last question he innocently asked them how they felt about how England turned out, and whether their fellow patriots might feel about things today. Then he waited for the replies.

And boy, did he get replies.

Turns out the vast majority of those who responded, a very representative 150 or so, are hugely disappointed that their country has turned into a nation of ‘yobs and drunks’, that immigration is both out of control and destroying the infrastructure of British society, that the nation is going broke supply freebies to people who don’t pay taxes, and that average citizens are now allowed to protest the wiping out of their culture.

Sounds like an epidemic across the globe, as those nations who won the war slowly defeat everything they worked for.

“This isn’t the Britain we fought for”