The River, three cities and a Top 10

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*** Never let it be said that your friendly neighborhood bookseller isn’t an equal opportunity basher. I think by now you know my opinion of the new Ebay, so let’s look today at The River, Amazon. Specifically, Amazon.UK. It seems that even in this enlightened age workers wind up working for those who consider them chattel. Holy Dickens, Batman!

Amazon.UK dares their workers to try and have a normal life

Of course, in the years before BBG came on the scene to save the world from the scourge of merely ordinary booksellers, he was employed selling electronics on commission for a company that makes Amazon look downright progressive, so he does understand why a brutal work schedule is better than no work schedule at all.

*** In all the world what are the three best cities for people who love books? Ask 10 people and you would probably get 12 opinions, but MSNBC weighs in with theirs.

Berlin, Boston and Dublin for those who love books

I would very much love to visit Berlin and I’ve been to Dublin. Wow, I don’t know if it’s the best city for book lovers, Hay-on-Wye might take that honor, but it’s certainly a wonderful place. What’s more, The Book of Kells lives on at Trinity College and it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful book. So yeah, I can live with this choice.

Boston? Not for me. My German is passable and the Irish are easily understood, but Bostonians? I might as well be in Tibet. (Just kidding! I could probably understand every other word in Boston)

*** WorldNetDaily wants to know what you think are the Top 10 all time more important non-fiction books, excluding the Bible. I find this type of survey fascinating, as it gives people a chance to list their choices and others a chance to be exposed to great books they may not have been aware of. Just a quick glance shows me I still have plenty of stuff left to discover.

Choose your Top 10

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