I’m sure some people are tired of reading about how well my book is doing on Amazon. I get it. Enough, already!

Today’s blog is for other writers who are out there bashing their heads against the literary wall, be they published or not. 9 months ago I was a nobody, this website didn’t exist, I didn’t have a publisher and nobody knew me on twitter.

I don’t have an agent. That’s right, no agent. If you read my blog you know that dozens of them turned me down. Heck, one snotty freelance editor even made fun of my entry in a twitter contest. But I knew more than they did, I knew me.

Then I found the greatest publisher I could have asked for, who loved my book as much as I did. Dingbat Publishing was a God-send for me, and yours it out there, too.

As I write this Standing The Final Watch has achieved its highest ranking yet, roughly top 0.4% on Amazon. It may well go down from here, or I guess it could go up some more, but either way the message I have to convey remains clear: you can do it!

(Since starting this blog half an hour ago, it has risen another 500 spots…this is surreal.)


But the whole point is this: if I can do it, so can you. It’s hard, yes, and you have to learn a lot and go through a bunch of disappointments, but you can still do it. You may even have someone mock you in public during a twitter event, but ignore them. No matter how many rejections you get, you’ve got to be the little indie that could.

I’m not a NYTimes bestselling author (yet). I’m a guy who rose through the ranks of twitter, and am watching others do it, too. Whoever you are, whatever you write, if I can be successful, so can you.