After barely escaping Nhojen King Liquon’s vengeance for the death of his brother, the vile Duke Jon Carles, Alden Havenwulf and Dexter Reedman are ready to enjoy themselves among the exotic pleasures of the island kingdom of Toran. But it’s not to be.

Without warning Alden’s younger brother Zugon, and their wild sister Arika, show up with news that Alden is needed home in Corland, half a world away. War with Zessia is coming soon and his sword is needed in service of the High King, his uncle Asgod.

But then Zugon and Dexter are captured by slavers and the only way to save them is to break into an impenetrable fortress. With no other choice Alden allies himself with the fallen priest of a fallen god, and the dark demon that lives within the fabled diamond known as The Star of Nhoje.