Hiya bookies!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, the uniquely American holiday. Now, on to Christmas!

Today’s blog centers on a historian who is noted for being the definitive English language authority on the Battle of Berlin in 1945. Yeah, I know. Another World War II book. Sorry to all you SFF and crime junkies.

Tony le Tissier was the last British commander of Spandau prison, a man who had the chance to get to know Berlin quite well during his posting there. After all, when the prison only has 1 inmate, and he’s an old guy in his 80’s or 90’s, how hard can it be? (Rudolf Hess, by the way. Who had the last laugh. He hung himself when the guards weren’t looking. Unless it was murder, as some suggest.) Already known for his trilogy on the battle, as well as the collection of stories With Our Backs to Berlin, le Tissier has now written the definitive field guide for those who want to visit Berlin’s historic sites. Smart guy. Can you imagine how many copies he’s going to sell?

I’m a little ashamed to admit that, as a buff of that battle, I have not read any of the man’s work. Shameful. However, with 4 big volumes to scarf up all at once, I’ll find them, devour them and make the winter go a little faster. As for you, dear bookie, when you visit Berlin next time, be sure to thank me for the head’s up.

Tony le Tissier shows you where to go in Berlin