Hiya bookies, more priceless stuff from your friendly neighborhood bookseller. Way back in 1993, not long after I established my still-going AOL email account, I read Alan Dean Foster’s SF/Fantasy trilogy The Damned and really enjoyed it. Here are my brief thoughts from those days:

“A Call to Arms” by Alan Dean Foster. Aliens galore! Intergalactic war! Fun, fun, give me more! Foster writes SF without the science, and for shameless entertainment this is exceedingly well-written. He occasionally lets his politics become tiresome, but not very often. Highly recommended. A+

“The False Mirror” by Alan Dean Foster. Second in The Damned trilogy, this book is loads more fun than the first, with nearly non-stop action and very little preaching. Highest recommendation for those looking for escapist reading. A

“The Spoils of War” by Alan Dean Foster. Book three of The Damned, it’s more complex, somewhat slower but more ambitious than its two predecessors. A truly preachy paragraph on the next to last page wrecks the ending, but the rest is good enough to keep the pages turning. Recommended. A