One of the most important elements in writing both Standing The Final Watch and Standing In The Storm was music. Every night at 10 pm I went in to write, and my companion was my youtube playlist. I began the books in September, 2014 and in December I discovered the band that changed my whole way of writing: Status Quo.



Most American have never heard of them, except just maybe for their 1968 hit, ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men.’ But aside from a lineup change in 1981, and again in 1986, Quo is still going today. And in the meantime they have produced some of the best rock and roll I’ve ever heard. Granted, mostly it was in the 70’s, but so what?

All of a sudden I had 33 albums to catch up on. At least three are among my top ten favorites. At midnight I would be head-banging as I wrote this or that scene, and one night I remember looking up to see it was past 2 am, I had listened to over 100 Quo videos and written more than 6,000 words. Whoa.

The experience of writing those books will forever be connected to me finding Status Quo, and to this day I listen to that playlist every night. It currently has 378 videos.