Supplement to the supplement

As stated a few days ago, the ludicrous new US law making it illegal to sell just about anything that is/was intended for kids has spawned a bunch of legalese from government agencies. Here’s one:


It seems we are now lucky enough to still be able to sell our used children’s books. Isn’t that sweet of those nice government bureaucrats? Good thing I don’t own or sell any antique lead soldiers, though.

Oh, wait. I do own some. Jeez, does that mean I can’t let kids under 12 in my house to visit with their parents? Is some government watchdog agency monitoring my lead Papal Guards brought to me by my uncle 40 years ago to make sure I don’t let some poor, unsuspecting child hold them?

Wouldn’t it have been easier just to tell people not to buy crap made in China, at least until they pass and enforce some consumer safety laws? Or, better yet, just buy stuff made in the USA.

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