“A great read! The main character is complex and engaging – someone you want to know. I started pulling for Angriff from the first few pages and the action did not let up or disappoint me. We like to revel in our superheroes and Mr. Webb has brought us very close to a new one.- Veritas

Now hear this, now hear this! Stand by for the Captain.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! Buy your copy now! That is all.”

Standing The Final Watch is alive, kicking and a huge success.

Here’s a sample to whet your appetite.

Standing The Final Watch excerpt

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Here’s a brief look at the evolution of the cover. On the right is the final cover. Below is the logo for the series, as developed by J. Gunnar Grey, founder, managing editor and genius-at-large for Bill’s publishing house, Dingbat Publishing.

Final Watch medium

A note from Bill:

“This is an early draft of a cover idea that I had. The final cover is much different, and drastically better, than this one. Here I wanted to portray the MC, Nick Angriff, holding his two pistols, against a backdrop that makes clear the patriotic underpinnings of the book. Although I freely recognize it as an homage to th


e American armed forces, at it’s heart this book is pure kickass fun.”

Below is a later mockup, which is radically different from the final cover. This was rejected for being too grim, the book is a lot more exciting than the impression this gives the reader.