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*** Forensic bookology. That’s the field for me. Books and archeology, how much better can it get?

Books written in the days before the printing press have always presented problems when trying to determine who wrote them and when, much less the where. But it seems that science is on the case, using advances in genetic technology to figure out where the parchment most were written on came from. Just slice and splice. It’s pretty fascinating. I suspect we will discover that some books are much, much older than we had previously thought.

CSI: Books

*** Condi Rice will soon be out of a job, but I wouldn’t start weeping for her just yet. As you might expect, the highest ranking African-American ever in the US government, before next Tuesday, is already negotiating a two book deal, including a memoir of her time in the Bush Administration. No surprise there, most politicians get some sort of book deal, but Rice isn’t your average politician. Articulate, highly intelligent and modest (three qualities few politicians have or want), she was a pathfinder and will no doubt have much to say and the talent to say it well.

Rice signing up to write at least two books