Sphere by Michael Crichton

Finishing up the Crichton review list for now is today’s review from 1993. I had read 4 Crichtons in a row that were terrific, so I was expecting a lot. 18 years later I still remember how disappointed I was with Sphere, and while borrowing the ideas of others was nothing new, one would expect a new (or at least well-written) spin on a worn-out plot. This book had neither.

“Sphere” by Michael Crichton. Not at all his best work. A UFO is discovered that is at least 300 years old. It turns out to be made in the USA. Time travel. There is a mysterious sphere inside the ship which allows peoples subconscious fears to be physically manifested. Good research, fair characters, ho-hum ending. I think he became bored with this one. Okay reading for when the tv is broken. C+

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