Short note for a Monday

Good Monday morning bookies!

This is more of a quick note than a blog entry. Yesterday this blog set a new record both for page views and visitors. Yea! And thanks. If you want to subscribe, I won’t stop you. I’m not sure, but I think the number of subscribers bumps you up Google’s blog list somehow. Anyway, this blog is where I post these days, mostly, excepting a certain sports forum, and it’s nice to know that someone, somewhere, sees some value in something you wrote.

I used to post on a lot of different message boards and forums. Most of those have either dried up and blown away, or have changed somehow. My longest-time board I quit late last year when one of the participants knowingly posted a political message they knew would anger me. I had said repeatedly that if it happened again I was gone; it did, I am. Which is why I do not want this blog to be political, unless the government does something which directly affects the publishing industry, such as the latest idiocy with the kid’s books. Nothing is more divisive than politics. Nothing. Not even religion.

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