Good morning bookies!

I realize this blog has become heavy with the historical reviews and such and I am working diligently to correct that for my crime fiction and SFF aficionados. Still, non-fiction books tend to get more in-depth reviews and so are easier to link to for this type of thing, plus the fact that it’s my blog and I can do what I want within the rules established by the google gods.

Ahem. Well, today’s entry concerns the publication of the diaries of Clara Petacci, mistress of Benito Mussolini. In and of herself Clara is not someone whose musings and scribblings would be published to world-wide acclaim some 60+ years after she was killed by Italian partisans and hung from a meat hook. Indeed, if she had not been the mistress of Il Duce there is very little chance she would have wound up hanging upsdie down in that Milano gas station. But she was and she did, and from 1932-1938 she kept a diary that now interests the world. Not only do they have interest for what they tell us about Mussolini, but also what she had to say about Hitler, Pope Pius and the world in general.

So we should all forgive Clara for being in love with the wrong man. Thanks, Clara, for keeping the diary. Sorry about the whole shooting you thing.

Secret Mussolini