Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time’ series is one of the most popular fantasy series of all time. Sadly, Mr. Jordan died far too young, but not before I had the pleasure of both corresponding with and meeting him. Very nice man.

The books themselves are fairly straight-forward Tor offerings. As is evident in the photos, his signature was anything but perfunctory. Indeed, one senses more than a little of the dramatic in his elaborate and happy scrawl. The copyright pages are typical, with first editions indicated by a number line down to ‘1’.

We have started with the third book in the series, The Dragon Reborn. Note that this copy is dated from his visit to Memphis in 2000. Like a number of books during this period, the paper used had quite an acidic content that lent itself to toning.

Next up is book five, The Fires of Heaven. Published in 1993 it was similar in most respects to the first four books, but by now the paper stock had improved so that toning was less of an issue.