RISING SUN by Michael Crichton

I’m feeling guilty for not posting more book related stuff lately, but at least I can post my reviews to keep my hand in. This one is from 1993, the 2nd book I read that year. Incidentally, that was the first year after I had quit my job with Pioneer Electronics to stay home with the kids, and 5 years before I started Bill’s Books. And so, from 1993…

“Rising Sun” by Michael Crichton. A fairly straight-forward murder mystery, entanglement in the morass of Japanese social custom. Once more Crichton’s research is deep and well-used. His personal prejudices against the Japanese, however, get in the way of what could have been another great novel. Like all of his works, Crichton teaches in an entertaining fashion. A lesser writer could not have done so well. Recommended. B+ (Note: The technology Crichton used in this book was, in 1992, cutting edge. Namely, manipulating computer data to change what was recorded on a hard drive to show a false reality. He did the same thing in Jurassic Park, only with different science. To enjoy the book today, in the 21st Century, try top put yourself back in the days of Bill Clinton’s first year in office, when cell phones were the size of your shoe.)

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