Original published November 3, 2005 (Updated June 22, 2016)

By Larry Rea

He’s written one novel (now three), had an article publisher in a magazine CA photodevoted to World War II, writes online mystery reviews and since 1998 has leased a books-for-sale section in a Cordova antique mall (online only since 2006 at www.billthebookguy.com)

To say Bill Webb has a passion for books would be an understatement.

“I was and am an inveterate book collector,” Webb, 49, said. “Until 1992 I had a ‘real job’ with a major electronics manufacturer, but I was on the road a lot. My wife and I decided that one of us needed to stay home with the kids, and lawyer (his wife’s occupation) trumped sales trainer so I was elected.”

Thus was born Bill’s Books, which made him the only used bookseller within ten miles whose business focuses on hardbacks, not paperbacks.