STANDING IN THE STORM, The Many Worlds of William Alan Webb

We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

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A Night At The Quay title page


In the early and mid 80’s Bill took pencil and pens in hand to illustrate his works. Art was a first love for him, but writing was a first talent. He discovered he was not the second coming of Barry Windsor-Smith or Frank Kelly Freas. Still, he drew a lot during this period and hopes you enjoy some of his work.

This illustration is from the opening scene of A Night At The Quay, as Karf and Lef stagger along the wharf to their doom. Circa 1983.

From the opening scene of 'A Night At The Quay.'


A typical night at the Quay

An early attempt to portray the enormous dive bar known as The Quay. The hard-to-see poem is an early version of the final one. Ink-on-paper, circa 1982

This version of the poem reads as follows:

Some will go, some will stay,

“Some will mope and some will play;

“Some will die and some will slay,

“And some will spend a night at The Quay.”



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