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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

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Artwork inspired by the works of William Alan Webb, both by him and others.


Titled Ghost Guardian of the Cairns

Tolthorn, the Tree at the Meeting Place of Time

Bill’s earliest known fantasy drawing, and the earliest reference to the epic that would become the tale of Alden Havenwulf. –  Circa 1975

Note from Bill: The signature here is ‘Gerard.’ A group of friends and I  all loved Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber and its sequels. Each of us took the name of a major character, I was Gerard. Sadly, none of those friendships have endured over time, including one that ended two days ago for me, but apparently ended years ago for the other person.

Corlandish archer

This is a detail of a Corlandish archer, wearing the distinctive helmet of the Carls of the House of Temmerdain. – Circa 1977

Here’s the full drawing.

Dexter Reedman and friend by Shannon Ortberg

Here’s a sketch of Dexter Reedman in a tavern with a friend, drawn by illustrator extraordinaire Shannon Ortberg.  – 2017

An Ancient Forest On Reven

Original composition of an ancient forest scene on Reven. This is the same forest in which Dexter appears in the large pen and ink drawing. This is one of the earliest depictions of any place on Reven, well before the book was written. Acrylic on canvas – 1979


Below is the original pen and ink treatment from which the painting evolved. This shows an unnamed soldier wandering through the forest in the painting. – 1978

Sketch from A Night At The Quay

Unfinished scene. Alden Havenwulf negotiating with Captain Boren, master of the Sea Scamp. Circa 1984.


Early illustration from Bill’s first novel

The working title of my first (unsold) novel was ‘The Queen of Death and Darkness.’ This illustration was me playing around with hand-producing it, including illustrations. From 1978.


Sketch circa 1984

Intended as the beginning of a painting, which never got painted. A version of the Dexter figure, however, wound up in the finished ink drawing on the main artwork page.


After the battle

Unfinished scene of the aftermath of fighting in the Quay.



Escape from Custacrak


Alden and Dexter fighting their way out of Custacrak

Since A Night At The Quay won the prestigious Darrell Award in 2018, I thought you might like to see an updated version of this illustration.

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