If you have not read the first two Last Brigade books yet, I would strongly advise you to do so before reading any further, as this background story will be loaded with spoilers.

You’ve been warned.

The world of the Last Brigade is theoretically one of science fiction, but in truth there’s very little in the books that requires much Willing Suspension of Disbelief. Most of the technology already exists, even if you aren’t familiar with it, and I simply exaggerate a little. Exacto bullets, for example, are real. The technology to build the AH-72 Comanche exists. And the biggest leap of faith of them all, cryogenics, is getting close to existing. Check out this article:


Many of the places also exist. If you’ve read Standing The Final Watch you know about the platform jutting out from the ridge where Dennis Tompkins and his men make their stand. Well, that was inspired by an actual place. Here are the photos of what it looked like in real life.

This flat space was actually built by the Army for use during maneuvers. I changed the ridge a bit and put in the ramp leading to this space, but mostly I kept it like it was.

I’ll be inserting a lot more material in weeks to come.