The greatest special operations character since Jack Ryan wasn’t born that way.

Get The Ghost of Voodoo Village

Before Project Overtime, Task Force Zombie, or Green Ghost, there was just Nick Bauer, a teenager. Then he, his twin sister Nikki, and two of their friends dared to visit Voodoo Village, and everything changed. Find out how Green Ghost became Green Ghost in The Ghost of Voodoo Village.

Then find out more about General Thomas Steeple, the brain behind Overtime, and his ominous visitor from Texas. See if Captain Randall and Lieutenant Carlos’ new crew chief has her eyes on more than their AH-72 Comanche. And what about those ten mysterious CHILSS in their special, hidden chamber?

If you’re one of the thousands who read Standing The Final Watch and can’t wait for Standing In The Storm this spring, let this bonus material tide you over until you can get your next fix of Nick Angriff, Green Ghost, and the 7th Cavalry.

You bought the ticket, now take the ride.