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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

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THIS GREEN ISLAND – Essays on English History – coming in 2020

THE TRASHMAN, a Hit World novel – coming late 2020

What’s a Shooter to do when he loses his License to Kill?

In the gray area between the legalized killings of LifeEnders, Inc., and the unsanctioned and illegal murders of unlicensed citizens, exists the world of the Trashmen. When the scum of society cannot be legally eliminated because they have paid off the right people, or are untouchable under the law, it’s the job of whoever is willing to take out the trash.

And Duncan Steed is willing. For the right amount of cash, that is.

STANDING AGAINST THE HORDE – The Last Brigade Book 7 – coming in 2021

SADNESS OF THE SNOW LEOPARD – A Four Horsemen Universe novel – coming in 2021

The Gurkhas are back!

HELLS’ LAST CIRCLE – A World Afire, Book 3 – coming in 2022

SANDS OF FLAME – A World Afire, Book 2 – coming in 2021

HELL’S LAST CIRCLE – A World Afire, Book 3 – Coming 2022

KILL ME WHEN YOU CAN – A Hit World Novel – coming in 2021

A BULLET FOR THE SHOOTER – with Larry Hoy – coming in 2020

The highly regarded novelette entitled Shoot First had been expanded into a kick-butt novel as the first Hit World release from Chris Kennedy Publishing! Coming Fall 2020.

KILLING HITLER’S REICH – The Death of Army Group Center, 1945 – coming in 2024

No German Army Group suffered more in the last months of the war than did Army Group Center. Beset from the southeast, east and north by Russians, and from the west by George Patton’s Third Army, their military situation was hopeless.

But the hapless soldier stuck in the front lines had more to worry about than enemy bombs and bullets, they had a commander who thought the mass-killing of his own men was how to lead men in battle. Make standing to fight against the enemy less lethal than retreating, that was Field Marshal Schorner’s philosophy, and he wasn’t picky about whether the soldier in question was really guilty or not. Setting the example was what mattered.


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