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We Sleep At Night Because America's Armed Forces, Police and Fire Fighters Never Do

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JURASSIC JAIL The Time Wars, Book 1

Finalist for the 2019 Imadjinn Award for Best Novel

In the Jurassic, nobody cares if you scream.

Get Jurassic Jail

Future America is dangerous and bankrupt. The interstate highways are littered with the rusted hulks of ambushed cars and trucks, and only Mad Max would dare travel the back roads.

When an arms race with Russia and China to develop time travel for military purposes achieves success, the body count skyrockets as both patriot and enemy try to hijack the new technology. Like the Manhattan Project and Operation Overtime before it, such a project attracts the best and the brightest as well as the worst and the psychotic.

But not everyone has given up on the rule of law. In Tennessee, Fayette County D.A. Pete Dance wants to prosecute the murder of a man whose fossilized remains turn up after a series of devastating earthquakes. The problem is that the victim is still alive.

When the violence starts, it doesn’t stop until the final whirlwind of teeth and claws and lasers.

The first spinoff series from William Alan Webb’s immensely popular series The Last Brigade is described by one critic as “…Spectre agents chasing Fast and Furious through Jurassic World,” while another reviewer added “…with a heavy dose of Harry Bosch for good measure.

After the heart-pounding finale, you won’t see the shocking ending coming. Guaranteed to keep you awake at night.


Winner of the 2019 Imadjinn Award!

2019 Darrell Award First Runner-up!

Junker Jane thought she knew animals from men… then she learned better. A tale in the world of The Last Brigade.


Get The Hairy Man

The Hairy Men had always lived in the forests and mountains. The tribes knew of them and respected them as friends. They became Junker Jane’s trusted friends, too, with whom she freely shared the bounty of the hunt. So when one of her friends needed her help, Jane didn’t hesitate to risk her life to save him. Only when she faced death for her friend did she realize the humanity of the Hairy Man, and the animal nature of those called Men.

LADY OF THE CAT – A Story in the World of The Last Brigade, coming in 2021

Junker Jane and Toon team up to save their friends when Chinese slavers come raiding in the mountains. Even with help from a certain Hairy Man, there is no guarantee they will succeed, and very soon the fight for survival is on!


From Chris Kennedy Publishing website:

“Five years from now, Earth was first contacted by representatives of the Trade Guild of the Galactic Union. Sol had been scouted for some time by a hyperspace shunt-equipped scout ship of the Cartography Guild and classified as “Pre-Industrial.” By the date of first contact, the Buma were looking for an untapped source of revenue and one of their scout ships detected a deep space probe and guessed Humanity was ripe for a profitable first contact. They rolled the dice and paid for the Cartography Guild to install a stargate and initiated contact. What they got…wasn’t what they expected.”


MAD, BAD AND DANGEROUS TO READ, Stories from the Webbverse – Coming in 2021

The collected stories of William Alan Webb, including the legendary Drumsticks Along the Mohawk. Who doesn’t like giant turkeys?

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Read – coming in early 2021

Not everything Bill writes fits neatly into a specific category. This collection on stories might make you laugh, or you might throw it across the room, but you won’t be bored!

THE DEMON IN THE JEWEL, Sharp Steel & High Adventure Volume 4

Alden’s sister Arika finds him fleeing those who wants to retrieve the fabled diamond, the Star of Nhoje, in the capital of the island nation of Toran. But their younger brother Zugon has been taken by slavers, and Dexter was captured saving Arika. Now the only way to save them is to release the demon at the heart of the Star.

GHOST OF THE COAST – coming in 2020

A WORLD AFIRE – WW2 Alt History

The Germans came oh, so close, to winning World War 2 right at the outset. What if they had trapped the BEF at Dunkirk? Could Britain have continued the war, or would Churchill have been forced to the peace table? From noted World War 2 historian and novelist William Alan Webb, comes a series that was all too plausible.

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