Last week was a great week, pushing me further down the road to 200 ‘No’s’. By my count I got 5, and the total is now at 24. Some more agents said ‘no’, which is fine by me. See, if they don’t get my work then they don’t get me. 

I intend to be a Rainmaker for whomever signs me, not only through the quality of my work, but through speaking engagements (such as the one I did today), creative marketing and relentless self-promotion. And after years in Network Marketing, I’ve been trained how to do this. I will be The Guy who brings in the cash. So what’s a ‘No’ to me? Nothing. To them? A big missed opportunity.

Arrogant much, Bill?

I don’t think that’s arrogant! I mean every word of it! I’ve worked damned hard to acquire these skills and I will work even harder putting them to use!

Yeah, yeah, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that…

Anyway, if we ignore my inner voice, this is why ‘No’s’ don’t bother me in the least. Or, maybe, not all much. Or, not too bad. Maybe some. Or, a lot. Okay, I have an ego like everybody else, ‘No’s’ suck, but they aren’t going to stop me.

However, if you’ve been following this blog, you would note that my No total should be 25, not 24. And that’s because one presumed ‘No’ turned out to be a sort of ‘Yes.’ 

Here’s what happened: Last Monday, this hit my inbox. 

“Hey, William I’m reading this now and having a blast. Question: did you try submitting this to Baen Books? This is right up their alley and…Much as I’m enjoying this read, it wouldn’t be honest of me to not encourage you to give them a shot first.”

Say, what?

This was from a publishing pro whom I will keep nameless for now, but will identify at the right moment because I am so appreciate of their honesty. There really are some good people left in the world!