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No more No’s!

I didn’t make it to 200, folks.

Truth is, I really only made it to about 5 before a wonderful publisher made me an offer. They were exceedingly patient, and I am forever grateful for that patience. Maybe we can work together one day, but there were three issues on which we could not agree. This happens in business, even when both parties want it otherwise.

I did make it to 57 No’s before that thing happened which all writers sweat and pray for: an offer from a great publisher with the terms you need to conclude an agreement. In my mind, we were a match from the word go.

Yep, I am now a signed author with Dingbat Publishing, who also publishes that tornado of energy, Gunnar Grey. Standing The Final Watch  is scheduled for release on July 18th and I am damned proud. It’s like waiting for a child to be born.

There’s about 20 people to thank in my journey, actually more, but first I want to give a shoutout to #pit2pub , the twitter event that brought this about. If you don’t think twitter pitch events work, you’re wrong. From that event I got requests for 3 fulls and a partial, and Dingbat was one of them. The lesson here, for me and everyone else, is that Twitter Events Work!

That’s not to say other methods don’t work as well or better, but I know a lot of my friends get frustrated with the lack of results. All I can counsel is patience, because it worked for me and it can work for you, too.

July 18th is like my new birthday! Bring on the cake! 


To ‘was’ or not to ‘was’, that is the question.


You can’t edit a blank screen


  1. Thank you, Britt, you're awesome!

  2. Can't begin to say how proud I am for you!

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