Hiya Bookies! I’m sad today. Long-term readers will note that my blog no longer has the link to my Bonanza booth. Back in 2008, a small startup site called Bonanzle grew quickly into an alternative to ebay, because ebay declared war on their sellers. It was a great time, I enjoyed the site, but then school and other duties came along and I lost track of what was going on there. Today I went back.

And found out that Bonanza has become ebay. Just like the ebay-gestapo that threatens you if you even breathe wrong, so Bonanza has become. I asked a question on the forum and was told I violated posting policies. Once upon a time that would not have happened, my question would have been answered and a discussion would have ensued. But no more. Now, Bonanza has become just another crappy site with few sales, telling me that to be successful I need to ‘upgrade’ my membership, which means give them money.

So as of today, Bonanza officially sucks, and I am officially sad.

June 13, 2011- Okay, I’ve cooled off now and maybe I was a little hasty. Bonanza doesn’t actually suck. In fact, it’s pretty good. Just different from the halcyon early days, and it’s me who needs to adjust. So, to all of the above ranting, I say…never mind.