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Not much time today, but a quick observation about a phenomena I have seen up close.

*** I list this link not because it has book associations, but because I’ve done much of what is discussed here. Munich, home to the Nazis, was the first stop on a group tour of Europe that included yours truly a few years ago. Reading about Marienplatz, Hofbrauhaus, etc., brought back fond memories of a great time. We did not, of course, take the Hitler tour, we took just a general tour, but you can’t even do that in Munich without tripping over Nazi history.

To offset this we toured Dachau and visited the Museum of Modern Art. Hitler would absolutely have hated the latter. For example, one exhibit had a video camera that filmed visitors (you) walking up a flight of stairs, then displayed the images on a giant screen. A computer then turned those images into amorphous blobs floating around, kind of like a lava lamp. Odd, maybe a little entertaining, definitely not Adolf’s cup of tea.

Nazis remain big business

Oh, and I did buy a book while in Germany, in German, no less, so that makes it book related.

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