When I wrote this book (and its sequel), I had certain actors in mind for both descriptions and voices. I also wrote it as cinematic as my skills would allow. So here’s my dream cast for Standing The Final Watch when it becomes a movie.

Nick Angriff – Although he’s a little old to be Nick, and his accent would need to soften into that of a Virginian, the best man for the job is #TomSelleck. He has the gravitas to take on the role of breathing new life into a dead nation.

Norm Fleming – From the very beginning I had #DennisHaybert in mind for this role. Not only do I love his take on characters as an actor, but this physical presence, steady demeanor and melodious voice make him the perfect opposite for Tom Selleck as Nick.



Dennis Tompkins – I had trouble picturing the perfect actor for this role, until about three days ago when the perfect choice popped into my brain. #SamElliott has to be the choice. Elliott has both the stature to be believable as a man who survived fifty years in the wreckage of the country, while keeping his ‘aw shucks’ Alabama country-boy side. The interplay with the above two would be incredible.


Tom Steeple – This role requires an actor with the gravitas to be believable as the top officer in the U.S. military, but also be charismatic enough to influence a very angry Tom Selleck (as Nick Angriff). My choice? #EdHarris. I think the scene with interplay between the two would be incredible with those two actors confined in the small space where it takes place.



Green Ghost – Well, this is pretty simple. There’s only one person who could pull off this role, right? And no, it’s not Tom Cruise. (No offense Tom, it’s an age thing.) The best pick is #JasonStatham as the leader of Task Force Zombie, aka The Nameless.


Next time we’ll get to the other characters, and if you’re wondering where all the females are, just wait for Standing In A Metal Storm!