Good morning bookies!

You may have noticed that the last few blogs have been shorter than usual, and that’s my new trend. Bullet blogs, I’ll call them, and hopefully it will mean that I keep this updated the way it should be, on a daily or near-daily basis.

Dan Brown’s latest monstrosity is selling as well as you would expect, and today’s link is about the positive effect it is having on other titles. I’m glad about this, I really am. If The Symbol is taken alone and without the ripple effect it has on the entire industry, then one can only weep for the trees that died so that it might be printed in its millions of copies. I have not, of course, read it. After reading The Da Vinci Code there is no need. When one writes the second worst book I have ever read it isn’t required that I read new stuff to see if the author plumbs new depths of ineptitude.

If you have read this latest, however, and liked it, then make no mistake: I am glad. I have no problem with those who like his work, just as I have no problem with people who like reading almost anything. Reading is reading and there is value in even the most worthless piece of trash.

Dan Brown actually has a positive influence on the purchase of good books