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MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) – The Hackley Library in Muskegon is selling its’ most valuable book – a rare first edition “Book of Mormon.”

5,000 books were printed in 1830 by Joseph Smith, the Founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Book collectors think only 1,000 first editions still exist.

The library’s board is selling the book through a rare book dealer in Salt Lake City, Utah. The book could demand a price of around $72,000 dollars. Any procedes from the sale will go to the library.

Martha Ferriby, the Director of Hackley Public Library said, “The library board has not decided what to do with the money. I am sure it will be used for some good project. There has been talk about new books, and there are things the building needs too.”

Since learning of the book’s high value, it has been moved off-site and placed in temperature and humidity-controlled storage.

Jon Mills”

Seriously, they are selling this? What a pity, although we are seeing more and more of this these days. I’m not sure what libraries think their mission is, I always thought it was to bring people closer to books but obviously that’s wrong. But maybe it’s just me: if you could trade one beat up old copy of the Book of Mormon for hundreds of copies of the latest Patricia Cornwell masterpiece, why wouldn’t you?