What a difference two years makes!

Since September of 2014 I’ve written over 200,000 words of fiction. In the previous 30 years the total was zero. What changed? The hell if I know.

Everybody has scenes that run through their mind, themes to their lives they may not even be aware of. I know that I did. Just fragments of something, peopled by characters without names or faces, who invaded my thoughts at odd times. 

Before that auspicious day in September, I had been writing and researching a non-fiction, military history book, for more than 7 years. I was (and am) more than 100,000 words into the project and had no intention of leaving it for another mistress. So when I sat down to write that warm morning, it was about Soviet tank divisions and German defensive maneuvers, not the end of the United States.

And yet, that’s what happened. 

Somehow my fingers typed out something about a guy (as yet without a name, career or background) standing on the HohenSalzburg on a cold day in January.

“Who in the hell is that?” I  said immediately.

Then he answered, and that was that.

Thus, this blog is back up and running. Many of the old links may not work, but the reviews are all still valid, so perhaps you’ll find some enjoyment in them, and maybe a good book or two that slipped your notice.

I hope so. But now this blog is about The Last Brigade and the saga of Nick Angriff, Norm Fleming and the crew of the 7th Cavalry.