I generally avoid political topics in public. But in the wake of the calculated attacks on police across our country, and politicians cashing in for personal gain, I feel compelled to say something. Whether anyone reads this or not, I want my feelings known.

Readers of The Last Brigade will wonder if it is inspired by this year’s chaotic and tragic events, both at home and abroad. The answer is ‘No.’ I began writing this book almost two years ago. Everything else is either coincidence, or part of a larger plan of which I am currently unaware.

But the women and men of law enforcement and the armed forces, who stand in the storm of violence and criminal behavior overrunning our country and world, deserve my undying loyalty. Not blind loyalty: they are humans too, who make mistakes the same as anyone else. And yet the job they do for wages that are often barely more than subsistence level deserves whatever moral support I have to give.

Any man’s death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind…

John Donne

While I agree completely with Donne’s epic poem, I also have no empathy to give criminals and terrorists. If they take actions to harm others, I don’t care why they do it. There is no justification.


Harming another human being for personal gain, be it physical harm or financial, strips that individual of all consideration beyond their legal rights. Motivation is irrelevant.