Continuing the recent theme of Michael Crichton book reviews, is there any book more identifiable with an author than Jurassic Park? Not the movie, the book. And yes, Virginia, there is a difference. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie. I’ve seen it dozens of times, but the book is different, and still holds up well all these years later. Much of what became “Jurassic Park 3”, the movie, was actually in the book. And not all of the characters who survived in the movie also survived in the book. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and find a copy.

“Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton. Wickedly convincing. Crichton’s abilities as a storyteller are good to very good. His chief strengths lie in impeccable research and characters who use that research in a believable fashion. When the velociraptors get loose and begin eating people, you wonder why this sort of thing hasn’t happened before. His best work by far; highest recommendation. A+.